1 cup ingredients zobo juice. Zobo (Zoborodo) is a Nigerian beverage made from dried Roselle plant flowers. Pour the juice through a sieve to take out the remaining large particles then pour it through a chiffon cloth to remove. Zobo drink is one of the popular Nigerian drinks, learn how to make it.

1 cup ingredients zobo juice Zobo drink, a sweet hibiscus/sorrel drink (also known in West Africa as bissap juice or Sobolo) is an African hibiscus tea made from dry sorrel leaves and with a special twist of mine How to Make Zobo Drink. Two and a half cups of hibiscus or red sorrel buds. Zobo is made from the the dried calyces (sepal) of the hibiscus plant flower. You can cook 1 cup ingredients zobo juice using 7 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of 1 cup ingredients zobo juice

  1. You need of dry zobo leaves.
  2. You need of sugar.
  3. You need of fresh pineapple juice.
  4. You need of cucumber juice.
  5. You need of watermelon juice.
  6. You need of pineapple peel.
  7. You need of Water as required.

Zobo leaves are also called; sorrel, flor de Jamaica and rosemallow. Although the drink is known by different names all over the world (Zobo, Hibiscus tea, bissap, wonjo), the flavor profile is very similar, the drink usually has a. Zobo drink is a familiar beverage loved by Nigerians. It is produced from dried roselle or sorrel leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa).

1 cup ingredients zobo juice instructions

  1. Rinse the zobo leaves and add into a pot.add cold water and the pineapple peel and boil for 30mins. Allow to sit for 15mins then sieve. Add the sugar, cucumber juice, pineapple and watermelon juice.stir well to combine them refrigerate and serve chilled..

Zobo is not only refreshing, it can also be used to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, calm the nerves, reduce stress, for weight loss, and to. Turn of the heat and leave the pot covered, so that the ingredients can steep a. Zobo is made by infusing hibiscus flowers into water, then adding sweetener and various flavorings. A favorite across many countries is a drink called Zobo (also known as Solobo or Bissap). If you have ever wanted to try something from a different culture or if you are a foodie looking for new recipes, this tasty and popular drink is a great place to start because it is quick and very easy to make.