Shake N bake stuffed chicken. I think this is much better than the stuff you buy from the store. It's a quick meal when you don't have time or don't know what else to make. very, very tasty! No need to choose store-bought when you can easily make your own blend of flour and seasonings to 'shake and bake' your chicken.

Shake N bake stuffed chicken Although water alone will suffice, a marinade will add flavor to your chicken. Crispy Shake N Bake Chicken is so simple, so tasty, and so much healthier than the store-bought version! So, of course, inspired by these meals I used to enjoy as a kid, I had to try and develop a homemade version that is healthier than the packaged stuff! You can have Shake N bake stuffed chicken using 8 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Shake N bake stuffed chicken

  1. You need of chicken breast.
  2. You need of of herb shake N bake.
  3. It’s of egg.
  4. It’s of shredded cheese.
  5. It’s of tin meat loaf pan.
  6. It’s of toothpicks.
  7. You need of Campbell cream stock.
  8. You need of Mrs. dash seasoning.

We rarely ate things like shake and bake chicken when I was growing up. My father was the cook in the family and he liked to make everything from scratch. Because the chicken is seasoned shaking in a plastic bag rather than dipping, you won't have a clean up for that either. Recipes: Crispy Baked Chicken, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Easy Chicken Nuggets. in shaker bag.

Shake N bake stuffed chicken step by step

  1. Preheat the oven at 350°F..
  2. Then you should cut the chicken breast in half (like cutting a bagel) but not fully in half. Cut it so there's a flap (like a book).
  3. Thirdly, whisk the egg..
  4. Then after the egg us whisked, coat the chicken breast in the egg..
  5. After the chicken is evenly coated in the egg, put the chicken in the shake n bake bag and shake so that the chicken is coated evenly. (I normally keep the excess shake n bake so that I can put some inside the flap).
  6. Then, open the flap, and put shredded cheese in the flap. You could also put extra shake n bake in the flap before you put cheese in..
  7. After that, close the flap and secure it with toothpicks, so that our remains closed..
  8. Pop this chicken into the oven and leave it in there for roughly 30mins..
  9. While the chicken is in the oven. After you take the chicken out, on a skillet or pan, pour the Campbell cream stock onto the skillet, let it heat up, and add in Mrs. Dash seasoning into the cream sauce (to taste)..
  10. After 2 – 3 mins, put the chicken onto a plate, and pour the sauce mixture over top!.
  11. Enjoy your meal :).

Kraft Shake 'N Bake Original Chicken lets you enjoy crispy, crunchy chicken without all the unnecessary fat and calories of frying. I'd probably put Shake 'N Bake on my hamburgers if I could get away with it. The only problem I have with it is deciding which one to use! Gluten Free Shake and Bake Chicken Shake 'n Bake, manufactured by Kraft Foods, is a flavored bread crumb-style coating for chicken and pork.