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Recipe: Appetizing Tavaa Pulao

Tavaa Pulao.

Tavaa Pulao You can have Tavaa Pulao using 21 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Tavaa Pulao

  1. It’s of Basmati Rice.
  2. It’s of Chopped Onions.
  3. Prepare of Chopped Tomato.
  4. Prepare of Potato Boiled and Diced.
  5. You need of Cauliflower florets.
  6. It’s of Chopped Carrots.
  7. Prepare of Chopped French Beans.
  8. It’s of Green Peas.
  9. It’s of Green Bell Pepper Diced.
  10. You need of Red Bell Pepper Diced.
  11. It’s of Yellow Bell Pepper Diced.
  12. It’s of Green Chilli Slit lengthwise.
  13. You need of Ginger Garlic Paste.
  14. It’s of Turmeric Powder.
  15. You need of Bedgi Red Chilli Powder.
  16. It’s of Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder.
  17. You need of Paav Bhaaji Masala.
  18. It’s of Oil.
  19. You need of Butter.
  20. Prepare of Water for the rice.
  21. Prepare of Salt.

Tavaa Pulao step by step

  1. To make the Tavaa Pulao, first wash the rice in clean water and soak it in sufficient water for about half an hour..
  2. Heat water for cooking the rice. When it comes to a rolling boil, add the soaked rice and cook till almost done..
  3. Drain and set aside till further use..
  4. In the meantime, wash all the vegetables and chop as per desired size..
  5. Heat a saucepan and add the oil to it. When it heats up, add the butter and the slit green chilli..
  6. Saute and add the ginger garlic paste and saute for a minute. Now add the onions and saute till translucent..
  7. Add to it the turmeric powder and the red chilli powders and mix..
  8. Add the cauliflower florets and saute. Cover and cook for a while..
  9. When the cauliflower is half cooked, add the tomatoes, french beans, carrots, green peas and the bell peppers..
  10. Add the paav bhaaji masala and mix well..
  11. Saute the vegetables on high to medium heat till almost done and add the boiled potato cubes..
  12. Add the cooked rice, salt to taste and some of the chopped coriander leaves and mix lightly..
  13. Close the lid and give it a good steam!.
  14. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve the delicious Tavaa Pulao with some boondi raita by the side!.

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