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Recipe: Tasty Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips

Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips. Pickles thin-sliced turnips is called "Senmaiduke" which is well known pickles in Kyoto. I wanted to use Senmaiduke for Osechiryori. The Best Pickled Turnips Recipes on Yummly

Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips Thinly sliced turnip is marinated in sweet vinegar with konbu and chilli. Crunchy turnip with sweet and sour flavour – it's great with rice and goes well with drinks as nibbles. The traditional senmaizuke uses turnip like my recipe, but you can make it. You can cook Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips

  1. Prepare 5 pieces of Senmaiduke.
  2. It’s 100 g of smoked salmon.
  3. Prepare 6 of imitation crab sticks.
  4. It’s 18 of honewort (mitsuba).
  5. Prepare of peels of Yuzu citrus.
  6. You need of salmon roe.

Recipe included: "Thousand Slices" Turnips (Senmaizuke) Turnips For more information, visit This pickle is the pride of Kyoto, as its customarily made from the massive orbs found in the region. Note that the turnips will be sliced very thin, so a mandoline or some serious knife skills are necessary for. Pickled turnips are a popular Middle Eastern mezes. Adding a beet slice to each jar turns the turnips pink; you can omit this step if you like.

Salmon roll with pickles thin-sliced turnips step by step

  1. Boil honewort (mitsuba)..
  2. Put 1 imitation crabstick and 1 piece of smoked salmon on a piece of pickles thin-sliced tunips (senmaiduke) and roll it..
  3. Tie the roll (step 2) with boiled honewort. It looks like a green ribbon on the roll..
  4. Cut step 3 into 3 pieces..
  5. Put some salmon roe and peels of Yuzu citrus on the top of the roll. It's done!.

Wash turnips well and slice them thinly on a mandolin. Place turnip slices in a small bowl and toss with the salt. Apply a watertight lid and shake to combine. Place pickled turnips in the fridge and chill before eating. Using the plastic wrap to guide you, roll the salmon up tightly around the cucumber sticks.

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