Roasted Pork Fried Rice.

Roasted Pork Fried Rice You can have Roasted Pork Fried Rice using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Roasted Pork Fried Rice

  1. You need 1 cup of cooked roasted pork.
  2. It’s 1 cup of cooked rice.
  3. It’s 1 can of foul pea.
  4. You need 1 bunch of coriander.
  5. It’s 1 dash of black pepper.
  6. It’s 2 tbsp of teriyaki sauce or fish sauce or light soy sauce.

Roasted Pork Fried Rice instructions

  1. bake cooked pork roasted at 200 C with teriyaki sauce for 5 minute.
  2. wash and drain foul bean then add into cooked rice.
  3. put all ingredient into pan and fry rice or rice cooker bake for another 2 minute. this way its less oily.