Baked chicken in Bread. Chicken breasts are breaded with flavorful crumbs, herbs, and Parmesan cheese, then baked for the easiest, quickest chicken dish ever. Remove them from the plate, place in a large ziplock bag and. Find recipes for roasted and baked chicken, including baked chicken parmesan, stuffed chicken and more!

Baked chicken in Bread Place on a pan sprayed with cooking spray. If you can bake chicken, you can make dinner over and over again. This is a simple recipe with salt, pepper, and olive oil, but so versatile. You can have Baked chicken in Bread using 19 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Baked chicken in Bread

  1. It’s 1 of whole Boneless chicken.
  2. It’s 3 of nos. potato.
  3. You need 1 of pack Curry Paste.
  4. You need 2 stick of Lemon Grass.
  5. Prepare 2 stick of Cinnamon.
  6. You need 2 each of Star anise.
  7. You need 3 large of onion.
  8. You need 5 each of curry leaf.
  9. You need 5 small of chili.
  10. Prepare 175 ml of coconut milk.
  11. Prepare of bread.
  12. You need 2 cup of flour.
  13. You need 1 tsp of yeast.
  14. Prepare 1 tsp of salt.
  15. Prepare 1 tbsp of butter.
  16. Prepare 1 1/2 tsp of sugar.
  17. Prepare 3/4 cup of water.
  18. It’s 5 gallon of herbs.
  19. It’s 1 each of egg.

If there is one recipe that every home cook should know, it's this baked chicken recipe. All you need is chicken, olive oil, salt, and. How to cook breaded baked chicken perfectly! This Oven baked breaded chicken has a twist on traditional chicken for amazing flavor!

Baked chicken in Bread step by step

  1. Curry Potatoes: pan fried onion, chili, cinnamon, star anise, lemon grass for 2-3 mins, add in diced potatoes continue to fried till golden brown, mixed in curry paste and 1/2 cup of water. cook till through. add in coconut milk, mixed well turn off heat.
  2. Bread: mixed all ingredient [except egg], knead for 15 mins, let it rise for 30 minutes.
  3. stuffed curry potato into boneless chicken, seal chicken and grill for 30 mins at 220c then wrap chicken with bread dough, brush skin with egg then return to oven continue to bake for 20 – 30 mins. at 180c.

How do you make crispy chicken in the oven? The trick is to use bread crumbs and panko. Breaded chicken cutlets are baked, not fried yet the chicken is so moist and full of flavor. This is an easy chicken dinner the whole family will love! Made with homemade marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.